Carrier FurnaceYour comfort is our priority.  To ensure rewarding and efficient performance throughout the long, cold South Jersey winters, Laury Heating Cooling & Plumbing provides convenient maintenance plans.  Our licensed technicians will handle the complete upkeep of your heating system, promoting smooth operation, eliminates the majority of repairs, and keeping energy bills low.  The only way to keep your system in peak condition and enjoy year after year of reliable temperature control is through annual service.

During the summer months, while your heating system sits idle, it’s collecting dirt and debris.  Dust, pollen, and other particles will gradually accumulate within the inner workings, creating friction and clogging airflow.  This forces equipment to work much harder to answer demands for ideal temperatures.  Excess wear and tear leads to more frequent malfunctions, while longer run times can cause possible overheating.  You’ll notice a decrease in comfort even as energy consumption rises.  The solution is as simple as a professional tune-up from Laury Heating Cooling & Plumbing.  By thoroughly cleaning, inspecting, and troubleshooting, our qualified specialists will address and correct any difficulties, preventing potential breakdowns.

Annual Furnace Maintenance

NATEBy scheduling maintenance in the fall, you’ll know your equipment is ready to face the long tough winter.  Living in the South Jersey area, we expect a lot from our heating systems.  Whatever type of heating unit you have, it can’t possibly live up to your expectations without regular cleaning, tightening, and tuning.  Through careful inspection, the NATE-certified technicians from Laury Heating Cooling & Plumbing are able to replace worn or broken parts and restore system efficiency and capacity.  Yearly maintenance will significantly extend the service life of your heating system.

Neglected equipment can often conceal harmful contaminants such as insects, decomposing animals, feces, plant matter, construction debris, dust mites, mold, and mildew.  Not only does this buildup degrade the performance of your heating system, your health is at risk.  A polluted furnace is a threat to your Indoor Air Quality, potentially spraying harmful bacteria directly into your home.  Symptoms of headache, coughing, sore throat, wheezing, asthma, and respiratory infections have been directly linked to contaminated HVAC systems.  When you trust the upkeep of your furnace, boiler, or other heating equipment to Laury Heating Cooling & Plumbing, we take the necessary steps to protect your breathing air and ensure a clean and healthy home environment.

Heating Tune-Ups Maintain Safety & Efficiency

Defective equipment may remain operational, even while posing a very real threat to your health and safety.  Gas furnaces produce small amounts of carbon monoxide that is vented out of the house.  Dirty, improperly operating gas furnaces have the potential to produce deadly amounts of carbon monoxide.  The heat exchanger within your unit separates combustion byproducts from the air your breathe.  While heat exchangers are typically reliable, there is the possibility of corrosion or minor cracks.  These imperfections may not be visible by the naked eye.  Your furnace may continue to provide adequate heat.  Without professional inspection, you could be unaware of an extremely dangerous situation.  Have the integrity of  your furnace checked by the factory-trained technicians from Laury Heating Cooling & Plumbing, and enjoy complete peace of mind.

CarrierFamily owned and locally operated since 1945, Laury Heating Cooling & Plumbing is a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer.  Our team of technicians receives regular updates and training in the latest developments in heating and cooling technology.  We rely on Factory Authorized Parts to restore system sound levels, longevity, and efficiency.  We offer cost-effective and convenient maintenance plans to safeguard your heating system, home, family, and comfort.  Through conscientious cleaning, adjustments, and troubleshooting, we save you both time and money on needless repairs, elevated utility bills, and shortened service life.  Know that when you call for service anywhere in Vineland, Millville, Pennsville & Bridgeton, you’re getting personal attention and the highest quality workmanship.