If you are a homeowner, you probably do all you can to stay informed about how to keep your home in good shape all the time. This includes knowing the basics about plumbing, landscaping, heating and air conditioning, and more. Regardless of your knowledge when it comes to heating and air conditioning, however, you, unfortunately, are not a professional. This means there are some mistakes that you are likely making when it comes to taking care of your furnace and air conditioner. To prevent you from spending money that you otherwise could be saving, you can read the tips located in this two-part blog post and ensure that you are not hindering your HVAC system.

  • Installing your thermostat
    Many people think that installing their programmable thermostat is easy and will save them a lot of money. While these thermostats are a good idea and can be very beneficial to your wallet, you can only truly maximize your savings with these energy-efficient systems when you have a professional install them.
  • Camouflaging your HVAC system
    If your HVAC system is located on the outside of your home, you may be inclined to hide it because they aren’t exactly nice to look at. However, surrounding your HVAC system with shrubs and bushes can prevent proper ventilation from occurring. This can cause the system to clog. HVAC units need plenty of open space around them to work properly.
  • Not having annual maintenance performed
    Just like your vehicle, your HVAC unit needs regular maintenance. If you do not have a professional perform this maintenance, the chances of your unit lasting as long as it should is very unlikely. We would recommend having this maintenance performed at least once a year.
  • Ignoring strange noise coming from your system
    If your HVAC system is making loud noises, this isn’t normal. Don’t think it is something typical of the system just because you don’t want to spend money paying a professional to come to perform an evaluation. The sooner you take action, the less money you will likely have to spend.
  • Ignoring strange smells coming from your system
    Just as strange noises are not normal for your HVAC system, strange smells are not either. This can also come in the form of strange smells coming out of your air or heating vents throughout your home as well. Call a professional HVAC company and have them see what is causing the odor.

Check back to the Laury Heating Cooling & Plumbing blog soon for the second part of this blog so that you can ensure you are not making the most common mistakes that others make when it comes to your HVAC system! We are the experts, and we are here to help you know as much as possible about the heating and cooling system in your home.

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