When to Call for an HVAC Technician

The ideal time to call for HVAC service is well before the situation becomes urgent. With proper upkeep and annual maintenance, most of those urgent calls can be avoided. Nevertheless, emergencies happen, and when they do, you need to respond quickly. Here are some of the top warning signs you need to call for emergency HVAC services.

When to Call for Emergency HVAC Services

  1. No Response
    This is uncommon, but it indicates a big problem. If you turn on your HVAC system and get no response whatsoever, call for emergency service. In the best-case scenario, it’s an electrical issue with the thermostat rather than the unit itself. Either way, it’s a good idea to get that checked out as soon as possible.
  2. Poor Airflow
    If the airflow delivering your heating or cooling is noticeably weak, your air filters may just be clogged up. Check those and replace them if needed. If that doesn’t make a difference, or if they look fine, it’s time to call up emergency HVAC repairs.

    Poor airflow could indicate several different issues, all of which can get much worse if they aren’t resolved quickly.

  3. Opposite Temperatures
    This is another sign that your system is in trouble, and it’s a big one. You need to address this right away. Aside from signaling a big problem, it’s completely counterintuitive. The last thing you need is to cool your home in the dead of winter or to blast out heat in the summer.
  4. Loud Unusual Sounds
    If a component inside your system is loose, broken, or out of place, that can lead to unwanted friction. This will make noises ranging from clanking, screaming, humming, buzzing, etc. It can also lead to further damage to more components.

    Loud unusual sounds can also mean an electrical problem. If your air conditioner or furnace is making strange sounds, pay close attention. It’s a good idea to shut down your system and contact a technician before the problem escalates.

  5. Strange Smells
    As with strange sounds, strange smells coming from your heating or cooling system mean you’ve got a problem. It could be something burning, possibly the result of loose or faulty wiring.

    If it’s a musty smell, it could be mold. This is also dangerous, posing health risks for anyone breathing the air in your home. If you notice a strange smell circulating through your vents or coming from your HVAC unit, call for emergency heating (or emergency AC) repair.

  6. Electrical Issues
    Aside from those listed above, there are other indicators of electrical problems. If you’re heating or AC system is operating independently from thermostat settings, it could be an electrical issue. Randomly shutting on and off or failing to work with certain settings are also signs of this problem.

    Electrical issues aren’t always emergencies, but they have the potential to become bigger problems before long. Best case scenario, it’s a quick, simple, cheap visit from an AC or furnace repair tech. Worst case scenario, the issue is unaddressed and leads to an electrical fire.

Avoid the Need for Emergency HVAC Services with Proper Maintenance!

Annual maintenance is your best bet to stop all of these problems before they get the chance to appear. Otherwise, you run the risk of a breakdown at the least convenient time possible.

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