Plumbing Services to Consider this Fall

Winter is coming!

Fortify your home with essential plumbing services before that cold, wet, fluffy stuff comes floating down from above. We all know from experience that South Jersey winters can turn the area into a (harsh and cold) winter wonderland. If the right preventative measures aren’t taken, winter can take a toll on your plumbing and comfort. This is why it’s important to prepare ahead of time by checking your pipes and scheduling routine plumbing services (if necessary).

Here at Laury Heating Cooling & Plumbing, we try our hardest to keep our customers rightfully informed on how to take care of their homes, no matter the season.

We’ve made a quick and easy checklist of plumbing services you can do at home (and also some you should refer to an expert for) to help you prepare for those long cold winter nights without incident. The last thing you need in the middle of winter is a plumbing emergency. Our goal is for you to stay warm, cozy, and incident-free the whole season!

Plumbing Services: What Needs to be Fortified Before Temperatures Drop

  1. Winterize Your Outdoor Faucets
    With the ice and snow right around the corner, you aren’t going to need your outdoor sprinklers to water dormant plants. Any outdoor faucets need to be disconnected, and the water valve to your outdoor faucets shut off. Ice damage is a genuinely expensive concern, so turn that water off! Don’t be caught unawares; check your fixtures and contact a professional if your outdoor faucets need professional plumbing services. This informative blog from The Spruce has terrific and helpful tips and tricks that help you get those outdoor faucets ready for the long winter to come.
  2. Check for Exposed Pipes
    Remember what we said about those potentially expensive concerns? That, unfortunately, can apply to indoor pipes as well. Whether indoor or outdoor, anywhere that is exposed to the cold has a chance of freezing over, which can result in quite a bit of damage to your home and your wallet. Whether it be metal, plastic, copper, or cast iron, the cold causes expansion, and the strength of your pipes is no match for expanding ice. Check out this blog from The Balance Small Business showing the different ways to spot the signs of a frozen pipe in your system, and if you do, professional plumbing services are the way to go.
  3. The Water Heater Needs Love Too
    Perhaps the worst trepidation of winter includes the possibility of stepping foot under a stream of icy cold water in your shower, instead of a nice hot one, after a long, blustery day. It’s hard to imagine that even a water heater can get ruined in the winter, but it happens. But when the frost comes, nothing is safe if you’re not adequately prepared for it. A way to prevent this is to get an annual check from a reliable HVAC source. An annual plumbing service checkup can prevent higher costs later on, including repairs or replacement of your water heater. Avoid potential problems and increase the lifespan of your water heater with seasonal checkups every year.
  4. Check Your Furnace
    In the summer, the furnace is usually inactive. You want to beat the heat not create more of it! But when the seasons change your furnace goes into high gear to heat the house to keep out the chill. In reality, the furnace is the life source of your home. If it goes out, poor heating circulates, which results in creating an icebox instead of a house and can cause problems requiring professional plumbing services, which can be expensive in an emergency. Home Guides has a checklist to make sure your furnace is up and running correctly before that snow starts to fall. Best of all, should you need a tune-up, a furnace replacement, or heating system installation Laury Heating Cooling & Plumbing has you covered with the best, most reliable products and services?

Plumbing Services – An Ounce of Prevention…

It’s time to prepare for the incoming snow and chill of wintertime. It can be a joyful time full of holiday cheer, and family, all wrapped up with the feeling of being warm and cozy in this winter weather. These are the things you want to keep your mind on, holiday cheer. You don’t want to spend that time stressing over the potentially frosted pipes hanging from your basement ceiling after bursting and flooding the space. Nor do you want that cold shower giving you a none-too-gentle wake-up call in the early morning.

Here at Laury Heating Cooling & Plumbing, we want to make sure that your winter is spent focusing on what is most important to you during the holiday season. That’s why we want to keep you informed with key action items you can take on yourself, and we also want to let you know when to call a professional for plumbing services. An ounce of prevention is better than discovering a burst pipe one day.

Keep an eye on your home; winterize those pipes, and make sure that the furnace is working in top order before it has to consistently run all winter long.

Your comfort is our priority! If you need plumbing or heating services to keep Jack Frost at bay don’t hesitate to contact us!

PS… we’ll be extra fast if we can smell snickerdoodles baking in the oven. Just sayin’.

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