Heating and Air Conditioning Services in Carney’s Point, NJ

Carney’s Point, located in Salem County New Jersey, is a vibrant community that sits right along the Delaware River. In just 17 square miles of space, Carney’s Point provides residents a beautiful place to live less than a two-hour drive away from New York, Washington DC, and Baltimore. This township is also home to Dunn’s Park, the heart of Carney’s Point. This stunning park is often used for weddings and special occasions, a testament to its beauty. The residents of Carney’s Point are dedicated to community involvement and volunteerism, hosting a community campout for all to enjoy.

The team at Laury Heating & Cooling is aligned with Carney’s Point’s community involvement and environmental initiatives with decades of experience servicing the homeowners of New Jersey. Our Pennsville location is just a 10-minute drive from Carney’s Point, and we are proud of the HVAC products and services we deliver to the residents there.