plumbing-iconYour water heater is essential to your home comfort and convenience.  When your water heater isn’t functioning properly, you need a licensed plumber to service your equipment in a timely fashion and at a fair price.  As a trusted source for plumbing services throughout South Jersey, Laury Heating Cooling & Plumbing is equipped to handle a broad range of water heater issues including those related to tankless heaters.

Our attention to detail when servicing your water heater ensures long-lasting and smooth operation.  Attempting repairs on your own is never a good idea.  Without the proper tools and extensive training, there is the potential for damage to your water heater and property.  When you call the licensed plumbers from Laury Heating Cooling & Plumbing, there’s no skimping on quality.  We provide precise workmanship and dedicated service, getting your water heater back to the dependable source of clean, hot water you expect and deserve.

When you’re in need of water heater replacement, the specialists from Laury Heating Cooling & Plumbing will walk you through everything you need to know about your purchase.  From gas to electric to tankless, we’ll match your needs to the ideal solution, so you can enjoy a ready supply of hot clean water.  Our licensed technicians will make sure your new unit not only provides enough hot water, but we’ll save you money through energy efficiency.  We factor in the different types of water heaters available, determine the right size and fuel, and consider the overall household need.  Selecting an ENERGY STAR rated gas storage heater over a standard model offers an approximate savings of $40 per year.  That’s $360 of saving added up over the thirteen plus years you’ll have the water heater.

Modern water heaters have benefited from advancements in design and engineering.  Laury Heating Cooling & Plumbing specializes in tankless water heating, providing numerous benefits over traditional tank-style models.  With the installation of a compact unit that’s no bigger than a suitcase, you’ll never run out of hot water, and enjoy fresh, clean water that hasn’t been stored in a tank, absorbing rust and other possible contaminants.  These units only turn on when water flows through them, and shut off when no more hot water is needed.  There is no pilot light.  They last far longer, eliminate the possibility of flooding, and simplify your life with greater convenience and energy efficiency.

Heating water for household use accounts for approximately twenty percent of average energy budget.  To precisely meet your needs for ample, efficient, and clean water, call the experts from Laury Heating Cooling & Plumbing.  Our licensed and fully insured plumbers offer maintenance, repair, and installation throughout Vineland, Millville, Pennsville & Bridgeton, protecting your best interests with skilled workmanship, leading-edge products, fair pricing and prompt response.