The Root Causes Behind the Constant Plunging of a Clogged Toilet

We can all agree that having a consistently clogged toilet is a terrible problem for a homeowner. Unfortunately, there is no pleasant way of addressing this problem. If you’re continuously flushing the handle on the toilet, crossing your fingers, and sending out a silent prayer, you may have a problem.

Have you noticed that your toilet is becoming clogged up more frequently? If you are having constant plumbing problems, there may be a reason why your toilet is having a harder time flushing its contents.

We’ve collected all the possible reasons your toilet became your new household nightmare. Below we’ll investigate some of the reasons your toilet is clogging, and some solutions for unclogging it, too.

What’s Causing Your Clogged Toilet Problem and How do We Fix it?

There are several different explanations for why you have a clogged toilet. Let’s explore some of them.

How Old is Your Toilet Bowl?

The simple fact behind the constant clogging may be that your toilet bowl is old. You may have a first-generation, low flow design. The low flow design was created to help homeowners save on water, but the earliest models ended up lacking the necessary pressure to properly clear the internal trap and drain. In other words, this means that it can continuously become clogged if you aren’t careful. To find out what model your toilet bowl is, check the stamped date located on the back of the toilet. If you’re always fighting a clogged toilet, it’s better to get an update.

Was a non-flushable flushed?

A toddler’s toy is not a flushable item and can cause some serious damage. However, there are still items we flush that aren’t flushable. Be aware of what items can and can’t flush and save your ivory throne.
Only certain materials are made to be flushed, toilet paper is one of these items. Toilet paper is made to be quickly dissolved in water. And while desperate situations call for desperate measures, tissue paper or paper towels are not able to handle the job. These can’t break down enough and will end up creating more problems and harder clogs. Ladies, this goes for tampons too!

Check out this list of items you shouldn’t flush and save yourself the drama of an overflowing toilet.

The Flapper isn’t Working!

The flapper is what creates the flush. It lets the water flow from the tank on the back of the toilet and down into the blow. If the flapper doesn’t open all the way or it is worn out, it won’t release water that’s strong enough to create a flush. Luckily this is an easy fix.

Check out this handy video we found that can help you make sure that your flapper is working and, if necessary, how to replace the flapper.

Have You Checked the Water Supply Line?

Your tank might not be at the proper water level it needs to be to flush, and this can quickly create a clogged toilet. Luckily, it’s an easy-to-fix solution. All you have to do is raise the water level in your tank. This can be as simple as taking a screwdriver to the metal or plastic arm. We found a great article from a home guides blog that gives step-by-step instructions to correctly fill your tank with the right amount of water.

Sometimes There’s Hard Water Buildup

If you have hard water, hard water deposits can build up in your bowl over time. It’s important to realize that this can make it a challenge for your toilet to perform efficiently and can make it harder to flush. This is another problem that has an easy solution. Buy a cleaning product (or make your own “DIY” cleaning solution) and use a simple scrub brush. A little bit of elbow grease will fix the problem in no time!

The Toilet Trap is Blocked

What is a toilet trap? Well, the trap is a curved segment designed to hold standing water and keep sewer gases from entering your home. Remember those flushable we mentioned earlier? Those unflushable items might be the reason your toilet is clogged up. It’s not something you can tackle on your own. This requires a professional hand. Luckily at Laury Heating Cooling & Plumbing, we have highly trained and educated professional plumbers that can tackle the problem for you.

The Plumbing Vent is Blocked

Modern toilets use roof vents to funnel fresh air into the plumbing system. This prevents air pressure vacuums from happening and makes the drain flow less difficult. But sometimes the vents can be blocked. A clog in the plumbing vent isn’t done by any household items like Q-tips or wet wipes. This vent can be clogged with leaves, sticks, or even animal nests. To fix this, Laury Heating Cooling & Plumbing has the skill and tools that are needed to professionally clean that vent. All you need to do is pick up the phone.

What about the Main Sewer Line?

If the clogged problem persists and it’s happening to more than one toilet in your home, it may be because of a larger problem. It could have to do with the main sewer line. Clogs in multiple fixtures are normally caused by a buildup of waste materials, toilet paper, and non-flushable items in the main drain and the sewer line. Then again, it may not be because of your household at all – the culprit might be mother nature!

It’s not uncommon for tree roots to invade the main sewer line. Tree roots can puncture your sewer line and let in sediment and other debris that create a blockage. Not to fear, this is a problem that Laury Heating Cooling & Plumbing can also solve. We’re up for the challenge, and ready and waiting to come to the rescue.

Deciding on Whether or Not it’s a “DIY” Solution or a Professional One

Sometimes clogged toilet problems can be solved with a little bit of ingenuity and elbow grease, and that’s great! Doing it yourself (DIY) saves you time and money; maybe you will even pick up a new skill. However, there are times you aren’t able to tackle the issue yourself. Sometimes the project requires a more professional touch.

We want to be the ones to help you solve the problem. We have trained staff and specialists that can identify the problem, offer solutions, and provide a fast and efficient service just for you. Give us a call today for any and all plumbing issues or questions.

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