Schedule Your Annual Heating System Maintenance Before Winter Strikes

With Jack Frost about to make an appearance shortly, it’s time to schedule annual maintenance for your home heating system. The last thing you want is for everything to fall apart when the harshest part of winter decides to rear its ugly head. Nothing is worse than getting up from a cozy, warm bed and realizing you can see your breath before your feet hit the ground.

Might as well stay in bed for the rest of the day after such a traumatic event!

Just kidding! We know you don’t have time to hunker down in bed all day.

So why not take measures to avoid that frosty scenario altogether?

The best thing you can do right now is to keep your heating system in tip-top shape by ensuring you schedule an annual tune-up. You want to do this before your system starts working overtime during the winter months. With autumn already here, now is the perfect time to make an appointment.

Why schedule annual heating system maintenance during autumn?

Well, autumn has moderate temperatures. So, neither your heating system nor your AC unit will be working very hard to maintain a certain temperature within your home. The off-season timing also means that more HVAC professionals are available to quickly provide you with maintenance, and the installation of a new heating system, should you need one.

Maybe you’re not quite convinced just yet about getting a heating system tune-up. We’ve got 5 reasons why you might want to reconsider and get that check-up sooner rather than later. (Remember the cold feet…freezing pipes… no thanks, right?!)

How will an early heating system check-up benefit you?

Taking the right steps to prevent your heating system from breaking down, or having more serious problems, starts with you. Make sure you’re taking the initiative to check and inspect (at a high level) your heating system can be pretty simple as well as beneficial.

Listed below are five reasons a tune-up is necessary for your home heating system before the winter arrives. An in-home heating inspection from an HVAC professional, as well as simple check-ins and observations on your end, is always the best, safest, and wisest course of action for your family this autumn.

  1. Assure Energy Savings from Your Home Heating System

    It’s always a great day when you can save yourself a few bucks. Poorly maintained heating systems tend to use more energy than their well-maintained counterparts. In turn, this ends up creating a higher energy bill.

    The US Department of Energy states that the heating and cooling for a house makeup about 48% of the average energy costs of a household. An annual tune-up will make your home heating system work more efficiently leading to greater energy (and cost) savings.

  2. Troubleshoot Heating System Air Filter Clogs to Prevent Indoor Air Pollution

    During your heating system’s annual maintenance, you can also have the filter checked, replaced, or cleaned. More often than not, a clogged air filter is the reason for furnace problems. It can lead to indoor air pollution, and your allergies can go haywire with dust. Even worse, it can create breakdowns.

  3. Prevent Expensive Heating System Breakdowns

    No one wishes for their heater or furnace to break down in the middle of winter. It’s the absolute worst-case scenario. So, if you start hearing strange noises or you smell something funny coming from your furnace, it’s definitely past the ideal time for maintenance.

    That smell could mean that deposits of dust and dirt are burning. At best, this will lead to an inefficient heating system. A more serious problem may arise, however, in the form of a fire hazard if there is too much build-up.

    Here’s a blog that can help you pinpoint signs your heater may be breaking down. Preventative maintenance is the best way to make sure that your heating system will last for several years to come.

  4. Expose Faulty and Dangerous Electrical Wires in Your Heating System

    A faulty, exposed, or loose electrical wire can create a multitude of problems. Issues can span from the heating system breaking down to the safety of your family. Exposed wiring can shock an unsuspecting person if not careful. A faulty wire can also cause the heater to overexert itself or break down from the improper usage of electricity.

    If left unattended there is also the potential risk of an electrical fire which is an invisible, odorless, and deadly accident.

  5. Safeguard Your Family with an Annual Heating System Checkup

    Of all these reasons, the most important is the well-being of your family. There is more that can harm your family than just the chance of an electrical fire from faulty wiring. Some things can cause harm that is invisible to the naked eye.

    A small crack in the heater itself, from the pipes to the tank, can cause harmful indoor pollutants to leak out into your home. An example of this is carbon monoxide, and the damage can happen without your knowledge and can have terrible, long-term lasting effects. Have your heater checked to help prevent any potential airborne illnesses and improve indoor air quality. When it comes to your family it is always better to err on the safe side.

  6. Make an Appointment for Your Annual Heating System Tune-up

    Catch simple heating system fixes early – before they become a serious problem for your family. A regular tune-up will increase the life of your heating system for many winters yet to come. This preventative care pays for itself over time by providing greater efficiency, energy and cost savings, and the quality of day-to-day living for yourself and your loved ones.

    We want you to have a warm and safe winter and that starts with you. Pick up the phone or check out our website and then start checking dates and making plans for an in-home heating system inspection.

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