Updated: July 2023

Get Your AC Unit Ready with this Seasonal Checklist

Winter is just about over with, and temperatures are on their way up. Soon they’ll be high enough to start thinking about turning on your air conditioner. After several months of inactivity, your air conditioner will need a little attention before the cooling season kicks into gear. Here are five things to do before turning on the AC after winter.

Clean/Inspect the Outdoor Unit

First, make your way outside to take a look at the outdoor unit and uncover it. Remove any debris from around the condenser. The condenser directs the unwanted heat from your home into the outdoor air. Clumps of leaves or dirt buildup can impair its ability to do so efficiently.

Duct Cleaning

Do a quick walk-around to inspect the unit. Make sure the panels concealing electrical connections are securely in place. Refrigerant lines should appear intact and completely insulated.

Inspect Indoor Equipment

Now, take a look at your indoor equipment. Check to make sure the electrical connections are, and circuit breakers are in proper working order. It’s a good idea to check out the programmable thermostat setting.

Check for ice around the refrigerant line. This could indicate that the evaporator coil is frozen, which can lead to broken equipment or water damage. If anything looks out of order, contact a professional HVAC technician.

Check Your Ducts, Vents and Air Filter

Thirdly, it’s time to check out your ducts, vents, and air filter to make sure that cool air will circulate properly. Remove and replace your air filter before turning on your AC unit after winter. One of the most important steps for HVAC upkeep is to replace air filters every month.

Your central air heating and cooling system rely heavily on your ducts, vents, and air filters. Look at the vents around your house to make sure they aren’t obstructed. Make sure any exposed ductwork is fully intact and that connective seams aren’t loose.

Do a Test Run

New AC unit installed outside of a tan house
If you’ve followed the steps listed above, you can go ahead and turn on your air conditioning. However, you should stand by and pay attention to the first run. Don’t just turn it on and then leave. It may emit a strange odor, make a loud noise, or only produce hot air. If these things occur for a prolonged period, you should shut the AC unit off and schedule a repair.

Schedule an Annual Tune-up

Your HVAC system should receive maintenance at least once a year for both heating and cooling seasons. When you’re first turning on your air conditioning after winter, it is a great time to have this done. An experienced HVAC technician will perform a thorough tune-up that will leave your system fully prepared for what lies ahead.

Be Prepared Before Turning on Your AC After Winter

When the summer gets brutally hot, you’ll want your AC unit to be in fighting shape. Reach out to Laury Heating Cooling & Plumbing for comprehensive, cost-effective air conditioning maintenance this spring. We’ll leave you prepared for another hot South Jersey summer!

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